Colour Mask

  • Enhanced Pigmentation

    Better pigmentation than it's shampoo counterpart to revitalize your hair colour.

  • Multiple Shades

    Comes in 5 basic variants, this range can be used to maintain a minimum of 24 shades

  • Nourish & Moisturize

    Contains treatment ingredients for a soft & smooth finishing.

The older brother of IRIS Colour Shampoo series, IRIS Colour Mask treatment is not only effective in revitalizing hair colour but also in nourishing & moisturizing your hair.


Used as a weekly or biweekly treatment to regenerate our hair colour and to nourish our hair for a softer and smoother feel.

Can also be used as a semi permanent hair dye. Instead of the typical glossy look of semi permanent colours, the masks give a more matt feel and finishing.

Consult a professional for optimal results.

How It Works

When used as a treatment:

  1. Apply on your hair and leave it for 5-15 minutes, ideally under a mist steamer.
  2. Then, rinse and wash off IRIS colour mask.

Like IRIS Colour Shampoo, advanced users can mix and match the colours, with Platinum Mask acting as a pastelizer if you want a more pastel finish.

When used as a semi permanent colour:

Get in touch to know more, as the process is more challenging and complicated.


Use the guideline to pick the most suitable colour for you:

Neutralizes unwanted pigments in hair + Deposits pigments that complement with the desired shades = Prolongs the life cycle of the colour

For instance, ash typically lasts up to a maximum of 7 washes but with this shampoo, it can last for months. Simply stop using IRIS Colour Shampoo / Mask and consult professional advice when you feel like changing colours.

For sophisticated users, refer to the ‘Directions’ tab for more ways to have fun with our product!

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