Colour Shampoo

  • Stain Free & Lasting

    Unique formulation that provides lasting effect without staining your fingers.

  • Multiple Shades

    Comes in 5 basic variants, this range can be used to maintain a minimum of 24 shades

  • Platinum

    Platinum Shampoo also acts as an anti-yellow shampoo.

This stain free formulation is easy & effective in prolonging you hair colour. Comes in 5 basic variants, this range can be used to maintain a minimum of 23 shades and more! Special shout out to our Platinum Shampoo that also acts as an anti-yellow shampoo.



Much research is done to develop a formulation that is both effective and stain free.

We understand that our customers want an effective way to maintain and deposit hair colour, but without the usage of harsh chemicals which are typically staining.

We have also collaborated with hair stylists to streamline our portfolio into 5 variants – Silver Ash, Platinum, Violet Blue, Rose Blue and Candy Pink. This is superior to a one size fits all shampoo for all hair colours but without the baggage of having too many shampoos (one for each colour).

How It Works

You can also alternate the chosen colour shampoo with silver or platinum shampoo if you have cool colours.

If you’re really confident, you can even mix and match the colours to get more nuances. One fun way to do so is to add IRIS Platinum Shampoo with another IRIS Colour Shampoo to pastelize the colour.

  1. Choose the appropriate colour shampoo (Refer to the tab ‘How it works?’).
  2. Replace the shampoo in your bathroom with IRIS Colour Shampoo.
  3. Colour away~


Use the guideline to pick the most suitable colour for you:

Neutralizes unwanted pigments in hair + Deposits pigments that complement with the desired shades = Prolongs the life cycle of the colour

For instance, ash typically lasts up to a maximum of 7 washes but with this shampoo, it can last for months. Simply stop using IRIS Colour Shampoo / Mask and consult professional advice when you feel like changing colours.

For sophisticated users, refer to the ‘Directions’ tab for more ways to have fun with our product!

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