Permanent Colour

  • Express Yourself

    A total of 23 colours to choose from, express yourself with hard to get colours like 'Rose Blue', 'Rose Red' and 'Ash Green'.

  • Ease & Simplicity

    Most colours can be achieved with a single bleach, while some can work even on virgin hair.

  • Anti-Yellow

    Special anti-yellow formulation. Equipped with trace amounts of anti-yellow agent for a cleaner colouring process.

Express yourself with hard to get colours like 'Rose Blue', 'Rose Red' and 'Ash Green' with simplicity. Most of our colours can be achieved with one bleach only, while some can work even on virgin hair.


Twenty-three (23) fashion shades for you to choose from.

A special shout out to the colour 8.1 (Ash Blonde). This special colour can be used to pastelize the mixture.

For instance:
C7.6 (Fire Red) + 8.1 (Ash Blonde) = P8.62 Rose Red​

How It Works

Mix with IRIS Colour Developer & colour away.

  • Mix our colours with IRIS Developer at a ratio of 1:2 for colours with the letter ‘P’ or ‘C’ in front of the number (ie: C5.2, P9.21) or 1:1.5 for colours with just numbers (ie: 6.6, 8.1).
  • Mix well and proceed with colouring the hair as usual.

Refer to our Anti Yellow Toner page for more instructions if you have chosen to use this product in conjunction with the colour.


Infused with anti-yellow ingredients, our colours enable the stylist to obtain a more accurate and a cleaner colouring result.

Crafted with simplicity and freedom of expression in mind, we have formulated our colours to minimize the hassle of:

  • bleaching, as most shades can be attained with 0-1 bleach.

  • mixing colours, as we have provided multiple nuances of the same colour (ie: 6 shades of violet, 4 shades of ash, etc.).

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